We Let The Stars Go: Commons

Name: We Let The Stars Go: Commons
Creator: Starswatcher
Status: Private
Genres: 80's, 90's
Format: Single, EP, Promo, Album, Compilation, Commentary, Whatever.
Note: The original We Let The Stars Go was ended due to webmaster's lack of time to maintain the blog. However, a new forum-like blog has been created in replacement of We Let The Stars Go. The goal is to allow those who share the similar taste in 80's and 90's music come together in a common area to discuss and/or share whatever they found online or just talk about what they like. For the time being, this blog is in private mode, open only to those who were previously followers of We Let The Stars Go. It is unlikely that this blog will be open to public, however, if you previously read We Let The Stars Go and enjoyed it, send me a line with your email address if you like an invitation.


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