Let's Go Get It!

Name: Let's Go Get It!
Status: Active
Genres: Rock, Alternative, Brit-Rock, Acid Jazz, Chill-out, Soul, R & B, Hip Hip
Format: Single, Album, Compilation
My comment: This blog has a lot of compilation and albums, but also a few singles or brand new songs. From a quick glance, though there are really lots of different genre, I think you can easily find something you like if you are into alternative rock, soul & dance, or acid jazz. Some artists I noticed include: Gnarls Barkley, Sergio Mendes, Beck, Ice Cube, The Brand New Heavies, Mary J Blige, Isaac Hayes, but there are also Portishead, Neil Young, Annie Lennox, Tears For Fears...etc. So you never know, try it, you'll find out.
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